Stock Market Graphical Explanation

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     Valuable trade in securities markets in the enterprise. Usually, these stocks are valuable documents. One market, because the places of trade in securities. Enterprise, because it leads to its own rules and standards. Exchanges only stocks, but also other types of commercial goods and instruments of trade places. Currency exchanges for trading in the Forex or foreign exchange derivatives for the VOB (Futures Options Exchange) has. Stock Exchange offers a convenience that allows the encounter of the buyer and the seller. VOB to ease it, as all over Turkey can be reached by the electronic system will provide a computerized trading. In this way, to reach a large number of participants, stock market prices are quoted in the contracts will allow the creation of an effective way. At the same time the stock market, market participants’ confidence and stability in a transparent allows to perform the operations.

     Buyer and the seller is not coming face to face with major operations in the stock market, stock market trading system, orders are entered electronically and through this match takes place orders (buy / sell orders). Orders in the pairings will be made about the contract. Investors can not transmit orders directly to the stock market. One is a means. Members of stock exchange orders (brokerage firms, banks) through the premises. All banks are investing the stock market.
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