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Those stock exchange transactions

Dear friends,

    Institutions and organizations in the stock market ..

    * CENTRAL BANKS: For the purposes of the Enterprise, in order to ensure price stability, monetary policy tight or loose to organize and implement, as well as liquidity reserves of central banks have to create, and does not change major players in foreign exchange markets.
* National Treasure: Budgets edit or vulnerabilities in order to close the short-or long-term debt denominated in foreign currency by exporting the treasures of financial assets play an active role in foreign exchange markets.
* FUNDS: Fund management companies, insurance companies, such as banks, funds that can do high volume, the Forex market has the depth, liquidity, and are preferred because of features such as reliability.
* BANKS: Central banks, treasury, foreign exchange transactions with other banks and mutual customers and the banks, foreign currency exchange risk positions, and better manage the process and make forex markets to increase profits.
* INTERMEDIARY INSTITUTIONS: Always ensure the realization of foreign exchange transactions in the Forex market exceeds sales transactions. Hashes, as well as the spread of the market by increasing the availability of the market thanks to the development of infrastructure will help provide.

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