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stock market returns and return

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   You will afford to the stock market risk, we will return you receive is usually in proportion to this risk. However, at any time may not provide returns, thus the name, risk and danger the other name. things do not go as you expect, even drop by unexpectedly heavy losses in scenarios. If you deposit the stock exchange for high returns mean losing all your presence on the goods is likely to increase. Because it is dangerous to put all assets in the stock market is needed.

   Your personal risk of a more loving, more suitable to your credit transaction. Futures intra-day or a few days can make, even during the day can earn some serious cash. Hemde stock exchange, such as more risky and more in the stock market gained more than lose.

   What They give you an example, the process thoroughly creditable figure kaybettirebileceğini ..

   Let’s say you have 100 Lira. Most brokerage houses, offering you the chance to double your winnings up to their own money to provide credit facilities. Credit institution using the tool 100 pounds 10 pounds 20 “You have received a share certificate.

   20% of the stock price falls, what happens? Price 8 pounds, 160 pounds the value of the shares falls. You owe it to the underwriter (100 pounds) you pay, you will remain 60 pounds. Even if you lost 40 percent of your money at a time! Moreover, this gain is certain, because the brokerage firms on equity (60) / credit (100) takes care of the ratio, this ratio is very low for one of your pozisyonunuzdaki, at least they want you to sell the loan to close. So you guys, or you will lose your chance of waiting.

   But it all goes well, the share price will increase by 20% and 12 pounds of shares if the value is 240 pounds, makes for sale, 100 pounds shall pay the amount you owe, as one of the very short term, winning 40% of the 140 lirayla return to your home. That’s the day the halls stock market session following the return of people who experience an easy target!
If you do not receive credit position, the biggest advantage is this: even if you’re Loss, you’d expect.
However, credit positions, during periods of unexpected developments (the death of one of the top-level, natural disasters or negative news about the company, etc.), even without the opportunity to sell in a few days may cause you to lose all your money, because the brokerage firms tend to engage in risky positions immediately closing prices, base rates rapidly declines and several sessions will continue in this way. So check the (remaining outside the main money) entirely to the underwriter passes, damage occurs, and the rest of you 15-20 pounds liranızdan bakakalırsınız 100. All this occurred again and again, all credit transactions in the stock market sinking because of the stories, so the entry guidelines and brokerage houses on the walls of the stock market, “you will not need to enter the money in the long term the stock market is called, credit or, if you are not forced to sell, you’d expect a few months the company has been selected to , even a few years later you’ll get great profits.

   So we want to, “how much risk he returns to the” many a true word or not, “I got a lot of risk, much will I earn” If you say, chances of error or developments in your logon account will katmamış. Perhaps rather “How much risk, that lump-sum” should be …

   We all long-term, to receive, patiently expected to sell, an investment style based on the analysis suggest. But I have time to deal with them or do not request or do not have yet the stock market will evaluate the assets, evaluate the following proposal, you can save your head and never without fatigue, as well as the stock market can take advantage of high returns.