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Advantages of the Stock Exchange

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 The advantages of the Stock Exchange as follows:
1. Stock markets, thanks to the leverage of money in your account until the transaction the opportunity to find the high floors.
Nothing can fell the most profitable operation 2.Fiyatlar yapmamaktır! just have to wait.
3. Even less capital to trade with high leverage ratios authorizes. Even a small amount to invest in the forex market, investors can trade with. Low leverage ratio; alamanızı less risk to your investment.
4. U.S. $ 2 trillion in daily trading volume of the Forex market the most liquid market in the world. Therefore, the low market liquidity, such as the buyer and the seller does not have to; transactions occur instantly.
5. Thanks to advancing technology as the screen can make online transactions, investments can give immediate direction.
6.Forex market, the purchase appears on your screen – you do not pay no commission for the transaction of sale prices.
7.Forex investors can make investments in 5 days 24 hours every weekday. Makes the holiday weekends.