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stock marketDid he gambling

Investing gambling, the following conditions:
– If you receive if you sell stock without any knowledge of gambling. So here is chance. – Receiving you sell the stock and is interested in what kind of work, even if you do not know the owners of the gambling business. Here is the chance for the gambling. – If you are trading by looking at someone’s mouth, this gambling. No hassle of any research, others to be proceeds of gambling. – If you need the money if the stock market short-term action in this gambling. – Detention and very shallow market, companies are often driven by speculators known that gambling companies are assigning javelin.

       But is not gambling terms below:

– Your investment by knowing, thinking, researching, analyzing if you are – Medium or long-term, selecting, – Stock Market took over the years, the increase of thought if you sell – Shares of companies that you believe will profit the following years biriktiriyorsanız, – Technically, if you have a systematic approach, – If your system gives you over 1% probability of heads or tails