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When choosing what you care institution Tool

    Dear friends
    Neys have to be careful when choosing a stock exchange broker to make transactions. As follows.
– Think brokerage houses to trade authorized by the CMB – Tool institution to determine what services you have requested. – If more than one institution, consulting separately evaluate the sensitivity of your needs. – Learn about the account before opening the requested fees and commissions. – Carefully review all information regarding your account and make sure you understand any document before signing. – Financial goals in mind, how much investment return, and how much you do to decide that you need. – Set a realistic level of risk you can take to achieve your goals. Ask yourself if you can get the amount you want to invest in afford to lose. – Each tool features an investment, the investment strategy of compliance will not hesitate to try to understand. Make sure you have.
After selecting the tool your organization must sign a contract with this institution. This is the subject of the contract, the services you receive will vary according to intermediary institutions.

 – If you are going to purchase and sale of securities, brokerage trading in the framework agreement, ”

 – If your portfolio tool yönettirecekseniz institution, “portfolio management” contract, 

– If your portfolio yönettirmeyip only to take advice on investments, “investment consultant” agreement,

 · If the repo / reverse repo yaptıracaksanız, “repo and reverse repo agreements”,
· If you are going to purchase and sale of securities credit, “credit securities contract”,

 – If you are going to short selling, “short-selling framework agreement”,
– If you give to borrow securities, “the process of securities lending framework agreement,”
– If the Istanbul Stock Exchange indexes, foreign exchange, gold, commodities and interest rate futures are going, “futures contract” must do.