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What is the proportion of Cranli endex, how calculated

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    The total market value of publicly held companies covered by the index and the index is USD10,285,809,370

   Retention Ratio = endeks18 Index Report Changes in the Scope of Money in case of a company‘s say that the correction process.

     Money saklamasındaki from 15% to 25% of the index rising to a company and the market value of USD 18 million, a 10% increase in the total market value of the 18 x 0.10 = 1.8 million USD will affect.

In this case, dividing the value of new control and indices are as follows:

Scope of Change in Ratio of Retention Money Index 300×30 endeks19 case of a company the Correction
  TRL and the new index
Scope of Change in Ratio of the index case of a company’s Money Store endeks20 the Correction  happens.