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When choosing what you care institution Tool

    Dear friends
    Neys have to be careful when choosing a stock exchange broker to make transactions. As follows.
– Think brokerage houses to trade authorized by the CMB – Tool institution to determine what services you have requested. – If more than one institution, consulting separately evaluate the sensitivity of your needs. – Learn about the account before opening the requested fees and commissions. – Carefully review all information regarding your account and make sure you understand any document before signing. – Financial goals in mind, how much investment return, and how much you do to decide that you need. – Set a realistic level of risk you can take to achieve your goals. Ask yourself if you can get the amount you want to invest in afford to lose. – Each tool features an investment, the investment strategy of compliance will not hesitate to try to understand. Make sure you have.
After selecting the tool your organization must sign a contract with this institution. This is the subject of the contract, the services you receive will vary according to intermediary institutions.

 – If you are going to purchase and sale of securities, brokerage trading in the framework agreement, ”

 – If your portfolio tool yönettirecekseniz institution, “portfolio management” contract, 

– If your portfolio yönettirmeyip only to take advice on investments, “investment consultant” agreement,

 · If the repo / reverse repo yaptıracaksanız, “repo and reverse repo agreements”,
· If you are going to purchase and sale of securities credit, “credit securities contract”,

 – If you are going to short selling, “short-selling framework agreement”,
– If you give to borrow securities, “the process of securities lending framework agreement,”
– If the Istanbul Stock Exchange indexes, foreign exchange, gold, commodities and interest rate futures are going, “futures contract” must do.



Those stock exchange transactions

Dear friends,

    Institutions and organizations in the stock market ..

    * CENTRAL BANKS: For the purposes of the Enterprise, in order to ensure price stability, monetary policy tight or loose to organize and implement, as well as liquidity reserves of central banks have to create, and does not change major players in foreign exchange markets.
* National Treasure: Budgets edit or vulnerabilities in order to close the short-or long-term debt denominated in foreign currency by exporting the treasures of financial assets play an active role in foreign exchange markets.
* FUNDS: Fund management companies, insurance companies, such as banks, funds that can do high volume, the Forex market has the depth, liquidity, and are preferred because of features such as reliability.
* BANKS: Central banks, treasury, foreign exchange transactions with other banks and mutual customers and the banks, foreign currency exchange risk positions, and better manage the process and make forex markets to increase profits.
* INTERMEDIARY INSTITUTIONS: Always ensure the realization of foreign exchange transactions in the Forex market exceeds sales transactions. Hashes, as well as the spread of the market by increasing the availability of the market thanks to the development of infrastructure will help provide.

Disadvantages of the Stock Exchange

      Dear arkdaşlar,

   There are disadvantages as well as the advantages of the Stock Exchange. As follows. 

-Markets can be organized only forstock exchange transactions as required by legislation, a large number of investors, the legal procedure should fulfill. Both buyers and sellers to enter the market must fulfill a number of conditions of acceptance.

Stock Exchange transactions flow of information, consulting, preparation of contracts between buyers and sellers, such as brokerage houses and companies providing services in exchange for ahizmetleri receive commission. These commissions and outside the public accounting work required in the emerging costs. All of these charges very high amounts may from time to time.
-Derivatives other than the stock marketparticularly stock market more open to intervention.

Other advantages of the Stock Exchange

            Stock Market Benefits are as follows.

      This market:

you’re the boss of your own business. You try your own account.
to element, the office, the customer does not need. Because a certain spot yokrtur study.
You set your working hours. Your life is not according to your business, your work schedule according to your life.
No limitation of space, can work anywhere you have internet connection. Do not have to go on vacation adjourn.

not limited to earnings, well-educated in this market is a major investor in the stock market gains
can provide.
NoCommission. Forex brokers do not take commission on exchange transactions tax, or just take the difference in the spread between purchase price. Leverage systemwith a small investment you can make transactions of up to 100.200 times or even 400.
In this market you do not have to learn by taking risks. Intermediary institutions to offer free trial accounts and you can learn in this market.

Advantages of the Stock Exchange

         Hi friends

 The advantages of the Stock Exchange as follows:
1. Stock markets, thanks to the leverage of money in your account until the transaction the opportunity to find the high floors.
Nothing can fell the most profitable operation 2.Fiyatlar yapmamaktır! just have to wait.
3. Even less capital to trade with high leverage ratios authorizes. Even a small amount to invest in the forex market, investors can trade with. Low leverage ratio; alamanızı less risk to your investment.
4. U.S. $ 2 trillion in daily trading volume of the Forex market the most liquid market in the world. Therefore, the low market liquidity, such as the buyer and the seller does not have to; transactions occur instantly.
5. Thanks to advancing technology as the screen can make online transactions, investments can give immediate direction.
6.Forex market, the purchase appears on your screen – you do not pay no commission for the transaction of sale prices.
7.Forex investors can make investments in 5 days 24 hours every weekday. Makes the holiday weekends.

The word-wide Stock Market

StockExchange, securities such as stocks and bonds, precious metals, agricultural commodities and foreign currencies trade in a variety of places of those who gathered. Exchanges are named according to business issues. Stock exchange, commodity exchange (for agricultural products and metals), foreign currency exchanges, options exchanges, such as gold exchange. Foreign countries, and in recent years in our country, the more well known, the stock exchanges

Borsa Yonetimi

        Merhaba arkadaşlar,
   Sizlere borsada nasıl kazanılır, ne yaparsam borsada kazanç elde ederim demeden önce Borsa terimlerini anlatmaya çalışacagım. Borsa ile ilğili bilmeniz gerekenler neler?Anlatıcam bana izin verin.

Stock Market,Stock Management

           Hi friends,
    We stock market, How to manage the stock market, etc. How is the stock market earnings. subjects try to explain it.

I would recommend to anyone that the stock market before the stock market anlatmaadan new friends to be taken to keep out of the stock market at all.

  Cause I want to accumulate the stock market. We needed to gain the documents whether the stock market, also will be given tips. The only thing you need to do, to follow site.