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story about the stock market

  Once upon a time a man came to the village and one of them said would take $ 10 from the monkey.
The village is so monkey with joy for the villagers to the forest They started to run to catch the monkeys.

  The man, from $ 10 to buy the monkey when you receive thousands of monkeys around reduced, harder to catch.

  Ape-man to capture a complete diagnosis of the villagers were performed vazgeçecekken would put $ 20 söylemiş.Tekrar faddish villagers began to catch monkeys again.

  After a while the price is $ 25 Leave a çıkarmış.Ancak to catch, even very difficult for the monkey to come across.

   So the price is $ 50 a man has done, but because of his job to go to the city, said deputy in his place would do the purchase.

  He said when the villagers deputy got on great apes in a cage or I am one of them the full $ 35 from you satayım, $ 50 from him when the man you sell.

  The villagers gathered together all their savings to buy all the monkeys almışlar.Sonra what the man nor the assistant was not seen again.

  Now the owner of the stock market brings to us some information about how it works.


Stock Exchange Important Features

     Stock Exchange, foreign exchange trading desk would be considered. But the most important feature of thestock market is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. In this way the exchange happenedverişlerinde nohesitation to investors, and they want to feel safe in order to make the moves themselves sıkıştırmamaktadır a limited time period. In addition, stock markets are very active and influential throughout the world due to theindispensable, especially among large investors. Large volume of liquidity in the stock market, investors haveliterally attracted sermaya owners.